Work with Susan Light

Want to Work with Susan Light? If you're local to Los Angeles, Susan offers a wide array of services. #training #petsitting #pettaxi

Do you want to Work with Susan Light? Susan offers private, one-on-one sessions in Los Angeles, customized to the needs of you and your dog. Choose a package or pay a la carte.

Packages start at $625 for 4 Sessions

Individual Sessions start at $175

Puppy Package:

Housebreaking, Basic Obedience cues

Problem-Solving Package:

Pulling, Barking, Chewing, etc

Fun Package:

Agility, Enrichment, Scent Work

Want to Work with Susan Light? If you're local to Los Angeles, Susan offers a wide array of services. #training #petsitting #pettaxi

Board and Train

Limited to small, cat-friendly dogs with no history of aggression

Starting at $200/day, 1 week minimum

Where to Start? Book a FREE consultation to

discuss the best option for you and your dog!!

STAR Puppy Classes being offered in Beverly Hills in partnership with Dog Up In This Bitch. Weekdays and Weekends Available, 6 weeks, $250

Trainer-led Puppy Socialization in Beverly Hills offered in partnership with Dog Up In This Bitch. Weekdays and Weekends Available, 4 weeks $60

Wondering what it’s like to Work with Susan Light? See what some of her clients have to say.

You’re not just saving the dog, you’re saving my marriage”

Cynthia (Mattie)

Tuna got through the front door at my parent’s house. I got worried because she’s never been out front without a leash on… I knew if I ran after she could start running to play. I had a flash of – this is the moment we’ve been training for! – I called “Tuna, Come Touch!” in a cheery voice and she immediately came back in the front door to touch and let me scoop her collar and close the door… Thanks for all the hard work with Tuna! It was a moment of panic followed by feeling so proud of her and grateful for her trainers!

Whitney (Tuna)

She was extremely helpful, working great with our dog Luna. The best part is that Susan truly loves what she does, taking her time, giving lots of doggy love (and treats too).

Jim (Luna)

She is personable and patient. She truly gets to know each dog she works with and tweaks the training to set them up for individual success.

Meghan (Twizzler)

She was great! Very kindhearted and well-versed. She gave a lot of new and helpful ideas on how to solve my dog’s problem!

Gina (Tug)

Susan is extremely kind and caring. Emma is over the moon in love with her. She’s so excited that we immediately can work on jumping as soon as Susan’s in sight. I feel the same way but have better manners!

Karen (Emma)

Get in Touch!

What are your qualifications?

I’m so glad you asked!! Check out my Certifications, Professional Organization Memberships, and efforts at Continuing Education here!

Do you offer free consultations?

I do! I offer FREE 30-min phone consultations for new clients! This is a chance to answer any of your questions, learn your dog’s needs and your goals for training, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

What is your Refund Policy?

For single sessions, payment is due when appointment is scheduled. No refunds will be issued for No Shows. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 12 hours prior. For a session that is cancelled at least 12 hour prior to appointment (if customer does not wish to reschedule), a full refund will be issued, minus any processing fees charged by Square.

For packages, payment for full package is due when appointment is made for the first session. No Shows will be charged as one session against the package. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 12 hours prior. Subsequent appointments can be scheduled during first session, and will have the same rules apply. No shows will be charged against the package, but appointments can be rescheduled up to 12 hours prior. Sessions in package expire 6 months from date of purchase. No refunds will be issued for unused, expired sessions. If, after first session, customer does not wish to continue with future sessions, they may contact Susan within 48 hours (after first session) and receive a partial refund equal to the price paid for the package minus the cost of one session at full price (not at package discount). No refunds will be issued on packages 48 hours after first session is completed.

Should I choose Video or In-person sessions?

In person sessions are offered only within a 10 mile radius of the 90048 zip code. If you live outside this radius or you just prefer Video, choose Video Sessions. Video sessions are great! No one has to drive, the dog isn’t distracted, and the session is recorded, so you can watch it over again if you need to!

What type of Training do you do?

I use positive, reward-based training. That means I don’t use – or teach my clients to use – any aversive, punishment-based techniques. Dogs respond amazingly well to positive training, as long as you’re consistent. Making your dog afraid to do things in front of you – because they fear punishment – will make a dog hide their behaviors, fearful, and – worst case – aggressive.

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